The Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator

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This is how times distinction. Back in 1949 a World War II hero with four purple hearts known as Carmen Miceli opened a tiny pizza restaurant in Hollywood. The average payment for a meal was under $1. But it soon turned a widespread with restaurant-goers, and by the mid50s, and early 60s the humble little eatery was attracting celebrities a dead ringer for Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, and JFK.

Fast-forward to 2010, and 60 Warner-AOL executives arrive at precisely the identical Miceli's to rejoice there. But what do they all roll up in? Not cabs, no longer their own Bentley's, and Rollers, or standard limousines. No, they pull up in three Lincoln Navigator super stretch limos. That's right, 20 in equally, all playing luxury prestige, and the glamor of famous person in proper plush consolation. Why? Because it's the best real option to journey on a monumental evening out…and is terribly very economical. Executives do no longer get where they are nowadays by no longer knowing about economics. But other than that traveling to a evening out vacation spot, a restaurant, bar, or membership, or sporting celebration in some factor like a Navigator is only pure amusing when there are so many people in contact.

And it surely is that sense of instance, and amusing, and economy that is being enjoyed by no longer just by the cash-men, the wealthy, and potent, the govt. elite. No, it is a fashion, and bit of glitz that EVERYONE can pleasure in today. Which is how it might maybe be.

So, stand apart Warner-AOL execs, and allow Ordinary Joe to give an explanation for what is so unique a few ride in a chauffeur-driven stretch limo. Well, for starters it looks 1,000,000 dollars from the very first glance as over 30 feet long! And then there's the gull-wing jet doors, monumental chrome wheel rims, and tinted windows. Just one looks says, "First Class."

And then when the ones gull-wing doors glide noiselessly open, the words "First Class" becomes superseded by other equally expressive superlatives, a dead ringer for "Awesome," "Mega," "Breathtaking," and "Out of this world," as the eyes fall on the swish leather upholstery, floor-to-ceiling disco dwindled show, neon-illuminated paneling, chintzy cocktail cabinet, TV screens, and meg-watt sound approach.

And then for yes, there's the moon roof, for that finishing touch of excitement, elegance, and "Wow" element. It's readily irresistible. And at only $ninety five an hour ($4.75 according to person with 20 sharing), it's superbly priced, and worth each dime.

There you've got it. Over 60 years on from the opening of Hollywood's first pizzeria by a war hero, a new variety of swash, and buckle befitting such heroism has emerged: the Lincoln Navigator super stretch limo.

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